Bocciardo was first established as a Tannery in Genoa, Italy, in the later part of the 19th Century. Whilst the tannery operation was closed in the late 1970’s, it’s legacy is carried proudly in our name – and hides and skins are at the core our product offering. Over the last 50 years Bocciardo has built an unrivalled reputation for being one of the most trusted and reputable suppliers of hides and skins in the Industry – thanks to our many years' experience and track record. Over the years we have extended our services from Italy into other markets, keeping up with the evolution of global production; today Bocciardo can count on trusted clients in India, Pakistan, China, Turkey, Spain, Portugal and France, with a local presence in each market to assist us.

Bocciardo specialises mainly in the sale of semi-processed hides and skins (Pickle/WB/Crust) – with an additional offering of select Salted material. Over the years we have developed very close partnerships with key suppliers from a number of different countries – and consider them as an integral part of our Company. The core origins/products that we offer are the following:

SOUTH AFRICA - Dorper / Merino / Crossbred / Goat / Baby Calf

NIGERIA -Hairsheep / Goat

MIDDLE EAST - Lamb / Sheep / Goat / Hides

UK & IRELAND - Lamb / Sheep/ Hides

NEW ZELAND - Lamb / Hides / Baby Calf

ITALY - Dorper / Merino / Crossbred / Goat / Baby Calf

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